Enabling youth to explore professions through conversations with experts.




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What's Pear?

Many professions and career paths are underrepresented or misrepresented in society and media. As a result, children and teenagers often have a very limited awareness and understanding of just how many jobs truly exist in the world.

Pear aims to challenge the traditional ideas of what work can be by connecting youth with experts across various fields and walks of life.

Even if an explorer is paired with an expert in a field that does not become their future job, the mere exposure to a different persepective is immensely valuable to nurturing a more open-minded and compassionate future citizen of the world.


How long are conversations?

Conversations can be as long as the pair likes, but will usually be one-off 15 minute video calls.

How old do I need to be sign up as an explorer?

We're accepting explorers all from the kindergarten to grade 12!

Who is an expert?

An expert is someone who has working experience in their field and is happy to share what they know with our explorers!

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